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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wher to get Tasty Chicken, Fish Grills, Chips and Pool Party Supplies in Abuja

When out at parties in Abuja we’d love to have very tasty grills - especially spicy chicken - made to our tastes. That explains why some people wouldn’t mind driving far into town to buy Chicken Suya or Chicken Sharwarma to serve their guests with if for anything at least the thrill of being a good host.

But you don’t have to travel far to get served very tasty grills when you can simply place a call through to a company that will show up at your party to make whatever grills you want or if you prefer delivery, it will arrive at your doorstep.

That company is UG grill a leading food brand serving some of Abuja’s best made grills in African style. They’re a team of young, vibrant and very trendy professionals who after gaining acclaim from family and friends about the excellent touch they put into making fantastic grills came together to start a business that has since gone places gaining even more recognition from far and wide within Abuja.

“We noticed that people always wanted us to prepare their grills for them and seized the opportunity when they urged us to start a business out of it” So says Oluchi Oji popularly called Lulu, the manager of this fast rising grill spot.

At various business fairs such as the Designer’s Market Place and lately Fusion Lifestyle Ug grill has made a very strong showing that has attracted friends and fans alike.

As Lulu puts it “people invite us to add colour to their events” they don’t just supply you grills but keep you entertained with cool music and Jovial staffers that keep both belly and heart in shape.

If you’re having a social event such as a pool party with a minimum of 30 guests wouldn’t it make sense to treat them to some Nkwobi or Asun? The ones the guests would delight in often turns out to be small chops; peppered gizzard and snails, grilled chicken or fish with chips, Nkwobi and the new one – Boli which is roasted plantain. These are some of the interesting meal additions you get when you have UG grill serve you some of their very excellent grills and you can have them delivered in style.

Lulu has another surprise for all Abuja foodies “palm wine”. The freshest and very best in all of Abuja if you doubt it ask for your money back anytime you’re served but the long list of DMP fans who showered accolades on them for bringing “Palmie” to Abuja know better.

In addition to all these is the highly unique peppered gizzard and tasty Boli which you’ll not easily find another of their kind in Abuja. Lulu puts it this way “some people say you haven’t tasted good coffee till you try Starbucks coffee, you haven’t tasted well made peppered gizzard or Boli in Abuja if it isn’t from UG grill”. 

That must explain why at the October Edition of DMP UG grill ran out of gizzard and plantain shortly after opening for the day. The mad rush indicating how many other people missed out on a uniquely tasty experience.

It all started in April 2013 and the dream is gathering steam, providing only excellently made grills that suit your occasions and Events. UG grill is just a phone call away.

To enjoy Tasty Spicy Orobo Chicken, Zobo, Fresh Palm wine, Boli, Nkwobi, peppered snails, fried rice and more for your party of at least 30 guests give them a call: 0816 540 3990

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