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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Abuja Cakes: Where to get really tasty cakes

At any given time there’s a party or event holding somewhere in Abuja that would require people being served deliciously made cakes whether it’s cupcakes or just regular whole cakes no one really appreciates a cake that tastes like pie or is as tough as buns.

A cake with a soothing feel and appealing taste is not one to forget in a hurry and ask me why because of all things at an event they seem to be what most people won’t forget in a while at least whenever they run into that person that hosted them to that treat.

But not all cakes are made with the satisfaction of the customer at heart. This is especially true of many confectionery and pastry shops in Abuja that consider profit making more important that customer satisfaction. Well a few exceptions exist such as Cupcake Cutie that bake really good cakes.

Popular Cakes in Abuja
Some popular Abuja cakes you’ll likely find include;

These are Cakes made for almost any occasion except weddings of course. Ideally they make for an excellent after meal snack/dessert or even as an appetizer served to guests.

Birthday Cakes
Birthday cakes as a surprise package can make a very powerful statement for our friends and loved ones at their birthday celebrations what better way to share special moments with them than ordering the right cake for their occasion.

Wedding Cakes
We all know weddings happen all the time and one of the high pointsof a wedding is when the couple along with their supporters step forward to cut the cake. Wedding cakes unlike other cakes must be baked to perfection as the occasion demands nothing but the best.

Custom Made Cakes
It really can be an exciting moment for friends or colleagues to receive specially made cakes in designs they’ll love. For instance if your friend is an Arsenal Fan it may not be a bad idea to get him a cake designed in Arsenal Jersey nor would it be a bad idea to get your pastor a cake in bible make. How about making your kids favorite cartoon character cake? All these are specially made custom cakes which you can place your orders for.

Tips on how to find great cakes in Abuja
Now you’re ready to place an order for a cake, what should you do or look out for?

Is the Cake well Made?
What’s the point in ordering for a disappointingly tasteless cake with poor ingredients? Will the cake maker offer you value for money or just add excess sweetening to your cake. Will the cake be made with health concerns for the end user?

How Much is the Cake?
A good cake should at the very least be affordable even if not cheap. If you’re a typical rational consumer you’ll agree that an expensive cake is not worth having.

Can the Cake be made according to your specifications?
When eventually you order for your cake will you feel satisfied with what you got or would it be the case of I’ll make do with whatever comes my way?

These and other questions are adequately answered by one of Abuja’s finest cake makers Cupcake Cutie you’ll find them at 20, Thaba Tseka Street near Peniel Apartments Wuse 2 in Abuja: 080 6666 2262 or 0807 087 8880 to order for your cakes.

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