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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Productive things to do with Kids in Abuja

As parents we realize that in order to give our kids the best life has to offer, we not only provide for their needs but ensure that they’re happy while providing for them. We want our kids to grow and become healthy adults by encouraging them to do things that would enhance their physical, emotional, mental and social development. The saying all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy also has its rival saying “too much play isn’t good for kids” hence why they’ll need to be productively engaged in Abuja. Here in Abuja we’re recommending these 5 productive things for parents and guardians to do with kids in Abuja;

Sign them up for Summer Camps
Although these only come in handy during the long vacation around June/July every year they should feature prominently on your list of productive things to do with kids in Abuja. If Summer Vacation to Disney land or other child fantasy destinations is too expensive, then local Summer Camps make a suitable alternative. Here in Abuja a few summer camps provide kids with a stimulating environment where they can imbibe many skills and experiences that will be useful to them in future. For instance; spelling B competitions, excursions, Chess tournaments, quiz, bead making, talent shows etc are examples of activities kids could experience at summer camps. The fees could range from N15,000 to over N50,000 depending on duration, content and location of the camp. The French Cultural Center in Wuse 2 is organizes a yearly Summer Camp for kids in Abuja.

Register them for Private Chess Lessons
Chess is a highly stimulating game that enhances the mental abilities of children. Children who learn to play chess at an early age usually develop higher intelligence quotient, improved retentive memory, critical thinking, better decision making and planning/strategic thinking skills. You can sign your kids up for private chess lessons in Abuja with an experienced Chess instructor.

Register them for Foreign Language
Another fun way to productively engage kids is to register them for foreign language classes such as French, Spanish and Portuguese. Some other languages such as Hausa and Yoruba can also learned when they’re taught by specialists. You can hook your kids up for dance classes as well such as Ballet and contemporary African dances.

Dance Classes
Dance is good for both health and emotional health of kids and a few places in Abuja offer dance class lessons for kids within the city such as Krump Studios in Jabi, French Cultural Center and popular contemporary African dance Artist Omoh whose twitter handle is @Kara2dance.

Take them to see a movie
There are several options here. For instance to see paid movies two great locations within Abuja include Ceddi Plaza in Central Area and Silverbird Entertainment Center. But on Fridays at 7 PM you could see a free French-English sub-titled movie at the French Cultural Center in Wuse 2 on 52 Libreville Street.

Local trip to a games Reserve
There are a couple of natural wonders to behold in Nigeria such as the Yankari Games Reserve in Bauchi State or the Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River where wildlife can be viewed in their natural splendor. The experience is Educative and refreshing, the kids would love you for it but even here in Abuja there’s a National Children’s park and Zoo.

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