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Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 Abuja Online Business Directories to Know

We all know what a business directory is – a listing of businesses with their contact information. The yellow pages easily come to mind when we think of the term business directory. In the past that meant a voluminous book with many pages of businesses and their contact information without a way of knowing which of those businesses could offer you exactly what you wanted. In this day and age everything is going digital including business directories which offer some measure of description for the businesses we are searching for.

List of Some Popular Abuja based Online Business directories;
Below is a list of some online business directories in Abuja and a few things about them.
It is the largest and most popular online business directory in Abuja. Businesses are listed and directly with their full names and contact information. However no reviews are offered.
This is a slightly more comprehensive online directory than Abuja galleria. It offers listed businesses with complete information as well as helpful articles and blog posts.
This is a very user friendly online business directory that incorporates both icons such as pictures and even maps and written texts to not only provide information about a business but to also show directions to it.
Vconnect is Nigeria’s largest online business directory containing a huge repository of business listing information as well as profiles and detailed reviews of premium businesses listed with them.
A popular website for searching for great deals on consumer items it also contains some information about businesses offering these products. They can be tracked although only while their deals are on.

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