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Friday, October 25, 2013

Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Abuja

Looking for Chinese restaurants in Abuja that offer authentic, quality Chinese Cuisine? Here is our list of some in Abuja:

Woks and koi
They’re one of Abuja’s leading Chinese restaurants for the very best Chinese cuisine. They have Chinese chefs who make your meals but their waiters could do a little better with their service. For the price they charge for the meals we’d say they’re indeed worth patronizing.
Location: Silverbird Entertainment Center, Central Area

The Hut Catering
Although this is not exclusively a Chinese restaurant as you’re also served Thai and some regular continental and Nigerian dishes such as fried rice, goat meat stew with beans to name a few. It however boasts of a formidable Chinese menu as well as Italian cuisine.
Location: Aminu Kano Crescent Maitama

Marcopolo Oriental Restaurant
They’re quite expensive and seem to care less about it. Their meals though are really good and service is good. The restaurant area is very spacious making it suitable for group lunches. Marcopolo chose red with touches of white, cream and bright yellow for its ambiance which we like but not too pleased with.  Their meals start from N4000 a plate.
Location: 911 Mall, Usuma Street, Maitama

Sinoni Restaurant
Sinoni Chinese Restaurant offers first class Authentic Chinese Cuisine by Chinese Chefs in an authentic Chinese setting. They have several private dining rooms for business or family lunches & dinners and a banquet hall that can seat up to 100 people.  They however have trouble keeping up with orders as the place is a beehive of activities.
Location: Zeto Court, Oshogbo Close, Garki Area 11

It’s a very expensive Chinese restaurant in Abuja and by reviews from many customers is overhyped offering little value for money.
Location: Mississippi Street, Maitama

Other Asian Restaurants in Abuja

Here are a few more Asian restaurants added to this list to broaden your search for authentic Asian Cuisine in Abuja.

Grills in and Out
For Mongolian cuisine in Abuja it should be Grills in and Out. The ambiance is excellent and service delivery is efficient. Their meals are also moderately priced.
Location: Food City, off Bangui Street, Wuse 2

Juice Place 2
Although not wholly into Chinese Cuisine you can however enjoy well made Chinese meals at this upscale health friendly restaurant and juice Bar. Their prices are moderate and service is excellent.
Location: 25b, Libreville Street, Wuse 2

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  1. Marcopolo Oriental Restaurant has good ambiance with experience-worth-having cuisine and service. She is now known as Marcoriano Chinese Restaurant.
    ^Chris Dennis


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