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Monday, October 14, 2013

Private Home Lessons for Kids in Abuja

How Chess Makes Kids Smarter, Brighter and Nicer
Hi, I’m Chess Master Paul Onwueme and I’m glad to share with you a few things about chess in Schools and how kids could benefit from it.

The game of chess is one of the oldest (over 1500 years old) and it’s the most popular indoor board game in the world dubbed “game of kings” and for good reasons too. In ancient times people who played chess belonged to an elite group; educated, wealthy or connected with both. In our time people who play chess exceptionally also belong to an elite group people with above average intelligence.

The game is played by 2 people on a board comprising 64 alternating colours of black and white squares, the winner is the one who can force mate – by ‘capturing’ the enemy king with no possibility of defense from his subjects, when this happens we have checkmate.

Why Chess is such a great game?

Many great minds owe their creativity and analytical skills to early learning of chess in schools such as former world chess champion and Popular Russian politician Garry Kasparov and Dutch Billionaire Joop Van Oosterom

With curriculum based learning chess has been proven to affect kids in the following ways;

Ø  Making Kids Smarter: because it enables them to think creatively and critically kids who learn to play chess at an early age develop higher I.Qs than those who don’t
Ø  Makes kids remember things more – the mind memorizes ideas better in terms of images, shapes and dimensions and chess is a good way to improve this attribute in kids
Ø  Helps kids make better decisions:  by exposing them to strategy and planning, kids can learn to anticipate future possibilities on every action/move they make and decide if it’s the right one or not.
Ø  Chess helps teach kids how to focus and be patient. Since kids learn to concentrate and evaluate positions on the chess board, they’ll pick up good habits; focus and patience.
Registering kids for chess is a very instructive and fun way to boost their intellectual development. It’s not just a fun game, it’s a game that enhances learning in a fun way.

About Me

Playing Experience

I started playing chess professionally in 2007 when I joined the Yabatech Chess Club as a student player. Having played in many local chess tournaments including NBL national chess championships, Ultimate Masters Tournament and friends of chess I have professional experience playing chess with some of Nigeria’s strongest players at the national level.

Teaching Experience(2009 till date)

While in Lagos I taught chess in the following prestigious schools as the lead Chess instructor of Candy Kids Chess Academy - owned by National Chess Master Charles Campbell; Meadow hall Schools, Children’s International School, Delightsome British Home School, Pine Field Schools, (all in Lekki) Childville Schools (yaba) and Greenwood House Schools (Parkview, Ikoyi).

Presently I’m the chess coach of American International School of Abuja and International Community School in Jabi where I hold weekly classes for pupils of the schools. I also do private home lessons for both kids and adults.

My Other Services | Home Classes for kids| Master training for adults, intermediates| Chess Supplies| Call me for enquiries and classes: 0803 206 4106

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