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Friday, October 4, 2013

Extra-mural, extracurricular Schools and Private Home Classes for kids in Abuja

Are you looking for excellent ways to improve your child’s intellectual development with fun but very stimulating activities that will ensure your kids acquire valuable talent building and life transforming skills? Then this article is for you.

Kids naturally have an inquisitive mind and are also very playful. They learn faster through play and leisure than actual academic work hence why 21st century teaching is geared towards making classes more interactive and fun through interesting but stimulating activities that keep their minds active and enables them discover themselves – their natural abilities and personalities as well.

Here in Abuja if you want your kids to enjoy the benefits of extra-curricular activities you can sign up for any of the following;

Chess is the most mentally stimulating game in the world challenging its players to become more focused and strategic in their thinking. Here are benefits of a structured chess program for kids;

Ø  It Make Kids Smarter: because it enables them to think creatively and critically kids who learn to play chess at an early age develop higher I.Qs than those who don’t
Ø  It Makes kids remember things more – the mind memorizes ideas better in terms of images, shapes and dimensions and chess is a good way to improve this attribute in kids
Ø  Helps kids make better decisions:  by exposing them to strategy and planning, kids can learn to anticipate future possibilities on every action/move they make and decide if it’s the right one or not.
Ø  Chess helps teach kids how to focus and be patient. Since kids learn to concentrate and evaluate positions on the chess board, they’ll pick up good habits; focus and patience.
Chess lessons can be organised on weekends for kids and time for the lessons are flexible to fit with your schedule.

Bead Making
Kids can learn how to make beads thus empowering them with income generating skills.

Martial Arts
Martial arts teaches self discipline and self defense against bullies who may be threat to one’s safety. There are various martial arts one can learn in Abuja such as Taekwando, Aikido, Karate and Kick boxing. Classes are usually on weekends or in the mornings on select weekdays.

To register for any of these classes simply call: 0803 206 4106

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