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Monday, September 16, 2013

What winning a Nigeria Customer Service Award can do for your business

The Nigeria Customer Service Awards which will be holding on the 31st of October 2013 at the Bolingo Hotels in Abuja has many benefits which Nigerian businesses stand to gain from. Here are a few details of some compelling benefits Nigerian businesses shouldn't miss out on;

There are a number of compelling reasons why you should consider participating in the Nigerian Customer Service Awards program, including

Competitive Edge:
Provides a tangible point of difference over your competitors.

Helps customer's feel secure about the level of Customer Service they can expect to receive from your company.

Credibility and Stature:
Demonstrates to customers your commitment to service excellence which strengthens your reputation.

Enables you to promote your Award-winning status to both your current and potential customers which helps you to retain customers and gain new business.

Focuses employees on maintaining and improving customer service levels.

Recognises employees past efforts and encourages them to continue to deliver exceptional service.

Public Relations:
Prompts media to communicate positive messages about your company.
Low Cost, High Return: What other marketing tool offers you a return on investment for such a low cost?

Save Money:
·         Our unique 'Service Edge Benefits' program offers you and your staff access to exclusive discounts on a wide range of products and services.

Winning an Award brings great benefits for your business in addition to the benefits above, award winners also receive a number of tangible benefits.
Platinum, Gold and Silver Award winners receive:

A high-quality Nigerian Customer Service Award Certificate.

·         The right to use the Nigerian Customer Service Awards logo on all company marketing materials, signage and sales collateral.
·         Customer testimonials that describe the quality of customer service provided by your company (subject to obtaining customers' permission).
·         A "Best Practice Customer Service" white paper
·         Marketing advice to help you get the most exposure from your award
·         Access to the 'Service Edge Benefits' program, offering you and your staff exclusive discounts on a wide range of products and services from our partners. (In development)
·         Business promotion via the Nigerian Customer Service Awards Facebook page

·         Detailed analysis and reports based on feedback from your own customers

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