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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Land for Sale in Abuja: Farmlands, Residential Plots, Commercial and Multi-purpose land for sale

Are you looking for land for sale opportunities in Abuja for any reason whatsoever? Read on you’ll find this piece very useful in your quest to become an Abuja land owner.

Why you should buy or own land in Abuja

There are many reasons why you should consider land ownership in Abuja but keep these two at the back of your mind;

Abuja Land Prices keep rising

The commercial value of Abuja land keeps rising really fast as development in the FCT is a factor which affects land prices. We’re in a period when heavy infrastructural development is happening with the construction of new districts, housing estates, bridges, roads, rail lines to name a few. All these have a positive effect on land prices which ultimately means a ‘bush’ undeveloped area today could become a hot cake in a few years time as development spreads.

Ownership of the right Abuja property is a safe investment

In the past many people made mistakes of buying land from the wrong hands and had themselves to blame when the FCDA moved in to reclaim such lands. Only properly documented land issued by the Federal Capital Development Agency (FCDA) and certified by Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS) is safe to acquire. Once this property is bought it’s yours for 99 years where you’ll have certificate of occupancy affirming you as the rightful owner and occupier of such land.

Building your own Abuja home is cheaper than paying rent

If you spend let’s say N5 million to acquire a plot of land and build a befitting home at a cost of say N10 million that property will serve you for decades to come in addition to being an asset that can appreciate in value every year and can serve as collateral for loans from banks for any future businesses you wish to do and require capital for. Compare that to paying rent exorbitantly annually in a house not owned by you like N1.5 million per annum for a 2 bed room flat. In 10 years you’ll spend N15 million that is if rent prices remain the same.

Types of land available for sale in Abuja

If you wish to buy land in Abuja you’ll most likely acquire one of the following;

Farmlands for sale in Abuja

According to the Abuja master plan most farmlands would be located in Kwali Area Council of the FCT. So if you intend doing commercial farming in FCT you’ll have to approach a company licensed and recognised by government to sell you such lands. There are very few Abuja companies that do that at the moment so if you want to do livestock farming, fishery, poultry, crop farming etc just get in touch with the right agent to hook you up with a reliable company recognised by both FCDA and AGIS.

Residential Plots of Land for Sale in Abuja

This is by far the most common type of land for sale in Abuja. Certificates of occupancy for residential plots of land are issued by Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS) where upon you become the rightful owner. But such lands are only used for residential purposes and not commercial purposes.

Commercial Plots of Land for sale in Abuja

Some plots of land have been marked out for commercial purposes. Just as residential plots you’ll also need a C of O from AGIS.

Multi-purpose Plots of Land for sale in Abuja

Whether you want to build for commercial or non-commercial these type of Abuja land is available for sale and could be used for anything such as schools, churches, farms, residential buildings etc.

Tips on how to find land for sale in Abuja

So now you’re ready to take that bold step to purchase an Abuja land what tips should you hold on to as a guide?

Determine your requirements

First determine what you want in that land. That of course would depend on your purpose for wanting it plus your budget. Are you looking for somewhere with fertile soil? Is location and proximity to town important to you? What is your size requirement? These and other questions should make your list of requirements.

Contact a reliable agent

Before doing this ensure that you have a property lawyer on your side just in case, you never know when trouble could rear its head meanwhile make contact with a reliable agent. The agents accredited and recognised by real estate property companies in Abuja are the best to meet as some of them have broad networks of agents and contacts they can pull from to help you search for an Abuja land for sale. The agent then links you up with the seller.

Do your relevant Checks

When you found the land you’d want to purchase it’s only wise to do your necessary checks at AGIS so as not to fall into the hands of fraudsters or acquire land from unathorized persons. Any land not accredited by AGIS should be a no go area for any serious Abuja land buyer.

Make payment after confirmation

Once you’ve confirmed that the land in question is genuinely owned by the professed seller with Certificate of Occupancy and other relevant information that secures the transaction it’s now time to make payment. The real estate management company handling the sale will guide you through the process hence forth.

Claim ownership of your Abuja Property

Once payment has been made ownership will be transferred from seller to buyer and the property becomes yours.

Are you serious and ready to find an Abuja land for sale? Feel free to contact us on: 0818 083 1826 and we’ll walk you through the process.

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