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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review of A top Professional Photography and Videography Studio in Abuja

Most photography outfits in Abuja don’t have all the required equipment to carry out world class commercial photo shoots nor can they pull resources to do say a documentary or home video shoot at short notice with the exception of a few.

One of those exceptions is Blue Bay Studios which is a first class photography studio with 20 well trained staff including 10 professional photographers, 5 video men and 3 in-house graphic artists that put excellent touches to photography jobs for mostly corporate clients and individuals who host large events such as weddings, seminars, conferences, AGMs, Fashion Shows, funerals to mention a few.

The company’s CEO, Emeka describes Blue Bay’s journey so far. “We commenced operations on the 1st of August 2011 with a mission to provide reliable, highly professional photography services to Abuja, approaching clients and even doing free events coverage in order to showcase our expertise, gradually we gained the confidence of a few people who have made referrals to us”.

So far the company has been living up to its reputation earning itself well deserved patronage as official photographers to very demanding corporate clients such as Transcorp Hilton, Nigerian Bar Association, National Communications Commission, Institute of Directors and Moet (makers of hennessy) to mention a few as well as an endless list of individual clients including other professional photographers who come to finish their work at the well equipped Blue Bay Studios.

Blue Bay Studios is a one stop shop for everything photography. There’s hardly any  kind of photography service you won’t find being provided by them from simple prints - passports, frames and large sized photos (indoor services) to outdoor coverage of events, photo documentary, model shows (providing models for ushering jobs and advertisements), live coverage of events and multi media services.

When you walk into the Blue Bay studios you get the impression that you’re about to be experience the diligent service of international standard photography with an impressive Studio room, Machine room, and a host of equipment including; the Noritsu Machines and Fiji Machines for any kind of printing.

One added service from the blue bay studios is their special offering of spare parts for printing needs. You can purchase the following from them: AOM (image PCB), Digital eyes, printer card, elevator card, scanners, laser drive card (both types A and B) to mention a few.

Why should anyone patronize Blue Bay studios? “Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority, we’ve earned special commendations from our existing clientele including Moet who have given us a pass mark since January 2012 and Transcorp Hilton who admitted we did an excellent job at the last National Awards where we did a photo shoot for the chairman of Transcorp Hilton Mr. Tony Elumelu”

To Connect with Bluebay Studios for excellent visit their website: or on twitter: @bluebayocean or call:  08036005178

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