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Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to reach Abuja based customers and leads - Advertise on is the most targeted blog online that reaches an Abuja audience. We have a very vibrant and engaging online audience made up of young people mostly based in Abuja and who connect with us via social media; and and our online blog;

To reach your Abuja audience with your products and Services we have the following services to match your needs;

Directory Listing

If you own an Abuja business and wish to have local online searches to find you with your contact information, photos/videos and a brief write-up offering your clients compelling reasons to patronize you then we recommend this service for you.

Display Advertising

Alternatively you could opt for display advertising but this is more suited for products and brand awareness requiring prompt response such as sales or direct enquiries. We’ll display your information as an advert in a highly visible part of our blog which our readers can view and click on to get further details.

SEO Article Marketing

If you want people who use search engines to find you directly and contact you for sales or other marketing aims then we recommend this service for you especially if you own and operate a service delivery b usiness. We’ll optimize your article for highly targeted searches so it appears on google, bing, yahoo’s first page for target keywords which people would likely use when searching for information related to your product.

Social Media Marketing

If you wish to create online buzz for a forth coming event or an artiste or any other online promotions then connect with us for details. We’ll use a combination of twitter, facebook, google plus and Black Berry Messenger to disseminate this information to an Abuja based audience.

Website Traffic Generation

If you want to build traffic to your website or blog what better way to do this than through targeted website visits. We’ll draw attention to your website through relevant links on high traffic articles that point to your website.

e-Flier Promotions

Save money for printing fliers and handbills, the online version is equally as effective and far less costly and we’ll showcase your brand online in visuals that our readers can connect to.

To get a quote for these simply send us an email to and we’ll forward you details.

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