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Monday, August 12, 2013

6 Popular Abuja Companies to know about

There are many companies operating in Abuja but just a few stand out from the lot. But Abuja being the Capital of Nigeria is not known for being a commercial nor industrial town but that however hasn’t stopped some companies from setting up their main operations in Abuja. These are 6 companies in Abuja you should know about;

Julius Berger

This is arguably Nigeria’s largest construction company handling many road construction projects all over Abuja. The company has many bases in Abuja at Life camp, Maitama, Utako to name a few and you’ll likely run into them at work on any major road or bridge project happening in Abuja.

Shop Rite

This company is a major retail outlet originally from south Africa that has made its presence felt all over Nigeria especially Lagos. But in Abuja you’ll find them at the Grand Towers Mall in Apo where they own a strong presence at their ultra modern mall offering Abuja residents the best of retail services with their very rich product selection.

Fortis Micro Finance Bank

This is one of the largest Micro Finance institutions operating in Nigeria and it’s situated on Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent in Wuse 2 opposite Visafone Abuja head office. If you own an Abuja based SME and wish to approach a financial institution for a loan you may want to contact them for enquiries.

Industrial and General Insurance (IGI)

This is an Insurance company that has made strides nationally as one the largest insurers in Nigeria. In Abuja their head office is located at Wuse Zone 4 very close to the City Library. The company provides a range of insurance services such as life assurance, fire, mutual fidelity and even marine insurance to name a few.

Aso Savings Limited

This is one of Nigeria’s largest Mortgage institutions providing financial services for people looking to invest in real estate or own their own private properties. Aso Savings is also a public limited liability company listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


This is one of the largest Fast Food restaurants in Abuja setting a standard that many eateries are battling to meet up with. The company has 5 restaurant outlets and seems set to even capture more market territory within Abuja. You’ll find them at Wuse 2, Asokoro and Garki 2.

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