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Monday, July 1, 2013

Best Study Abroad Tips, Opportunities and Agencies for Nigerians to Consider

When it comes to studying abroad many Nigerians are at a loss as to what real opportunities exist for them to study abroad in world class universities or even which qualified agencies can actually provide them with the needed assistance and consultancy to land a dream course in a top flight university.

With the problems many face at home with studying in local universities such as strike action and falling standards of Education many parents who can’t afford to send their children/wards abroad prefer to send them to private Universities in Nigeria instead. But studying abroad has more career opportunities for Nigerians than in local universities because of the prestige and quality of training Universities abroad are perceived to offer international students.

That now brings up the thought of where to consider when opting abroad for a university degree or Education and who to approach to guide you for your documentation, counselling and visa processing among others.

Things Nigerians Should consider when they want to study Abroad

Here are a few things Nigerians intending on studying abroad should look at in order to help them make the right/best choices:

Country Abroad of Choice

Which country abroad can best offer you the kind of learning environment and choice of course plus living standards/cost of living that you’d like to have? That’s a criterion you shouldn’t overlook when considering opportunities to study abroad here in Nigeria.

Financial Aid Opportunities

We all know University Education is expensive abroad hence why many Universities offer Financial Aid. So ask yourself are there any financial aid opportunities/programs I can tap into?

The right course/field

Even when you know what you wish to study abroad have you thought of the possibilities of similar courses with greater specialization and lower costs that might give your career a boost. Someone may want to study an IT course like say software engineering that may cost him let’s say $60,000 for 4 years in one university whereas another University might be offering a more specialized course like software architechture which costs much less but offers more employment opportunities based on current realities.

Career Potentials of the Opportunity

Always consider what potentials your future career would take based on your choice of study. If you pick a course abroad because it’s not in Nigeria would it remain relevant for long?

The right Study Abroad Agency

Finally and may I say most importantly who will guide in in making the best choice? If you approach family and friends they might give you sound advice on what to study and where but experts in the field who are affiliated to world class universities know best what suits you based on your requirements, that’s why you’ll need professional  counselling from a reputable agency that links Nigerians to study abroad opportunities.

To find such an Agency simply give us a call and you’re on your way to making the right career choice and study abroad opportunity right here in Nigeria – 0818 083 1826

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  1. Before you apply abroad studies you should decide the suitable path.


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