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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Self-contained, 2 or 3 Bedroom Flats and Apartments for Rent in Abuja

In Abuja finding an apartment for rent is not an easy task especially if you are on a budget.  To start with not everyone is able to afford the exhorbitant rents charged by Abuja landlords and so typically people would rather opt to reside on the outskirts of the city in satellite towns such as Kubwa, Karu, Nyanya, Lugbe to mention a few.

But with tested hands with the right connections you can actually reach people with flats and Apartments for rent in Abuja. These people are agents who try to match your requirements for an Abuja Apartment or flat with what they have from their pool of vacant apartments.

Types of Abuja Apartments and flats for rent

If you’re looking for an Abuja apartment or flat to rent then your choice must fall into one of these;

Self Contained Flats

These are apartments that come with a toilet/bathroom and kitchen (optional) but a single room and in some cases a parlor to go with it. Price varies from N250k to N600k depending on location and condition of the apartment. Most self contained apartments are buoys quarters of bungalows or duplexes. These kind of apartments are ideal for young single professionals working in Abuja.

2 Bedroom Flats

2 bedroom flats in Abuja usually have a single bathroom with toilet and kitchen plus a living room and two bedrooms usually in blocks of flats or multi storey buildings.  A young newly wed would find these kind of flats ideal for them as it offers them the kind of convenience most married couples would love to have. Price ranges from N1 million per year to N3 million depending on location.

3 Bedroom Flats

These are the kings among flats available for rents at least one rarely comes across 4 bedroom flats for rent. For this kind of flat you’ll find they usually have 2 toilets and bathrooms with a kitchen and 2 veranda to go with. This is obviously more spacious and ideal for a nuclear family. Price usuallly starts from N1.5 million to anything near or above N5 million again depending on location.

Tips on searching for Abuja flats for rent

So you now want to rent an Abuja apartment after knowing your budget and where you fit in what should you do when searching for a flat to rent?

Choose a suitable Location

Whether you want a quiet, safe and serene environment or you want one close to your place of work or one not too far from the city center it makes sense to define your preferred suitable location. That’s not always an easy choice considering that often times a quiet serene environment may not have good roads or when there good roads the cost of rent is high. It’s a case of you can’t eat your cake and have it. The most expensive parts of Abuja to rent a flat are; Wuse, Gwarinpa, Mabushi, Utako, Maitama, Asokoro, Garki, Apo and Durumi to mention a few. Flats are cheaper on the outskirts such as; Lugbe, kubwa, Nyanya, karu, kurudu to mention a few.

Get your budget right

Following this guide you should have an idea of how much you should be thinking of when you now want to rent your desired Abuja flat/apartment. Always keep at the back of your mind that you’ll pay for commission/agency fee, legal fees and security deposit/service charge (if your compound is being managed by a realtor).

Set your requirements

It makes sense to know what you want or don’t want in your preferred locations. For instance are there good roads, fenced houses, presence of police posts and active security, markets, good schools, playgrounds, recreational facilities etc. These are some requirements but we all have what we feel or think should be present in our ideal residences what are yours?

Contact the right agent

Finally decision time. Who to contact on your preferred Abuja flat. A reliable agent who has a pool of apartments to look at. If you’re serious and ready just give him/her a call and make an appointment.

Looking for a reasonably priced self contained apartment within Abuja? Give me a call to hook you up: 0803 206 4106

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