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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top 5 Places in Abuja to find Houses for Sale

Are you looking for a house for sale in Abuja and don’t have the crazy amount of money some folks quote? Then you should start your search for a property especially a house for sale in the following districts based on their proximity to the city center plus the fact that they’re relatively less expensive.

House for sale in Wuye District

Wuye is one of the fast developing towns in Abuja city center. Presently there is abundant land which isn’t developed but not for long as that was the case a few years ago with other well developed districts such as Jabi and Utako. Houses in Wuye district are not as expensive as say Maitama or Gwarinpa and this is due to untarred roads plus accessibility. Come back in 5 years time and see if you’d find those houses cheap.

Houses for sale in Apo District

Apo is a highly developed district part of Gudu district. It is very famous for having the Apo legislative quarters which used to be home to Nigeria’s federal law makers. In addition to this is the presence of well developed housing estates and commercial property. Houses in this district for now are not too expensive and if your budget meets with a house for sale our take is buy now.

Houses for sale in Gwarinpa

Gwarinpa has the largest housing estate in Abuja and possibly Nigeria. There is rapid development coming to this part of Abuja with many rich and famous Nigerians who can afford to own a house opting to settle here. Land prices are high and is likely to continue rising over the coming years. Some popular landmarks in gwarinpa include the punk palace (home to enigmatic Charlie boy) and

Houses for sale in Durumi

Durumi is a quiet but rapidly developing district. Centrally located and in close proximity with Garki, Kaura and Wuye Districts Durumi is an ideal place for people who want a quiet location close to the city center.

Houses for Sale in Jabi District

On this list of houses for sale in Abuja Jabi is easily the most expensive as this district is a choice location, well developed and centrally located. There’s hardly any undeveloped land in this district but you’ll find a lot of mansions and posh houses.

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