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Monday, May 20, 2013

Top 5 Hotels in Abuja you should know about

These 5 Abuja hotels are among the best hotels in Abuja you’ll likely find judging by their level of service delivery in comparison to many other Abuja Hotels. If you’re on a visit to Abuja and would like to lodge at any hotel we’ll suggest these 5 for a start although there are several others that are worth looking into. A standard hotel should have swimming pool, nice bar, casino, standard restaurants and efficient services. These hotels meet up with these standards.

Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Maitama District, Abuja

The most prestigious hotel in Abuja and one of the best in Nigeria as well, the Transcorp Hilton has come to stay. The former Nicon Nuga Hilton Hotel has undergone various name changes as different investors acquired it over time but it still remains the hotel of choice as it has always been. If there’s anything you don’t find at Transcorp you’re not likely to find it in any other hotel.

Sheraton Hotels and Towers in Zone 4, Wuse District, Abuja

By our reckoning, this is the 2nd best Hotel in Abuja. It has everything you’ll expect in a 5 star hotel however it is expensive and a bit overrated for the value of service you get in comparison with the price. However the hotel is the choice of many visitors to Abuja because it too is centrally located but also very secure and of international standard.

Sandralia Hotels in Jabi District, Abuja

This is a new hotel in Abuja which is very impressive in terms of offering high quality service, attractive ambiance and hospitality service, It is also fairly priced compared to other luxury hotels in the city and for my money is worth it all the way. Excellent Gym, room service, clean swimming pool, courteous staff, good food and secure environment plus within shouting distance from the city center.

Chelsea Hotel in Garki District, Area 11 and Wuse 2

Although not in the same league as Sheraton Hotel and Transcorp Hilton it however is a top class Abuja Hotel. It has a small car park just able to hold less than 150 cars and small halls for holding events. But it’s centrally located within the city center and is expensive but not as expensive as the top 2.

Agura Hotels (Garki District, Area 10)

This is one of the oldest hotels in Abuja but also one of the best in terms of available facilities on ground. The hotel has a huge car parking space with spacious rooms added to the fact that it is centrally located in Area 10 close to Army and Air force headquarters in Abuja, it is ideal for guests who want to be close to the city center. From the rooms you can have a direct view of the capital city and the daily hustle and bustle.

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