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Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 5 Abuja Fast Food Restaurants to know

Abuja Eateries are popular among the young at heart especially singles in their 20s looking to hook up with dates or hang out with friends. If you are looking for Fast food restaurants in Abuja for whatever reasons we’ll suggest these 5 based on our knowledge of which ones stand out from the rest.

Southern Fried Chicken (Maitama, Garki, Wuse 2)

This is perhaps the most customer friendly and most attractive fast food restaurant in Abuja. We’ve seen many restaurants but this particular one is different from many in terms of the neat and cosy ambience. An outing at any of their 4 outlets in Abuja is a fantastic way to enjoy an outdoor experience in Abuja as their menu is also slightly richer than the average Abuja fast food restaurant. They have outlets on Gana Street in Maitama, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent and Libreville Street in Wuse 2 as well as Dunikofia street in Garki Area 11).

Kilimanjaro (Maitama, Ceddi Plaza and Nyanya)

This is another popular Abuja fast food restaurant which to our mind is also relatively customer friendly. Although they serve practically the same items you’ll find at most Abuja eateries they are slightly more expensive. The ambience is okay but could be a bit better. Their main branch is at the 911 mall in Maitama but also have outlets at ceddi plaza in central area as well as in Nyanya.

Drumstix (Asokoro, Wuse 2 and Garki 2)

This is Abuja’s most popular fast food restaurant judging by the volume of business they conduct plus the fact that they have become a household name among many Abuja residents. They have outlets in Asokoro, two in wuse 2 and one in Garki 2 district.

Chicken Capitol (Wuse Zone 3 by neighbourhood center)

Chicken Capitol located in zone 3 wuse district serves the best Sharwarma in Abuja at least as of 2012. But in addition to their great Sharwarma they have a posh ambience and for a fast food eatery of their size we think they are resourceful and efficient but they need to keep up with maintenance as some of their furniture are showing signs for immediate replacement.

Chicken Republic (Wuse 2 and by Berger Bus Stop)

Chicken Republic is a national fast food eatery brand that you’ll easily take note of when you’re traveling through the capitals of many states in Nigeria but in Abuja they’ve come of age as a strong restaurant brand. They offer quality meals at slightly average prices and we reckon that given a little more time they might open even more branches. Like all branches in other states chicken republic has a nice ambience and customer service is average.

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