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Monday, April 16, 2012

Travel to Lagos: Abuja to Lagos, Lagos to Abuja

Abuja to Lagos by road

To travel this route you will need a sound vehicle and knowledge of the road map, driving at 120km/hour tops you should be in Lagos in 10 hours all other things being equal. If there are no unusual delays such as armed robbery attacks, road accidents, bad roads, vehicle break down or police delays you should have a smooth journey all through else add some 1 or 2 hours to your journey time. Alternatively if you don’t have your own vehicle or don’t know the way or are scared of driving by yourself for that long, then the other option is to travel with one of the popular transport companies. There are the luxury bus companies such as Chisco, Ekene dili Chukwu, The Young Shall Grow and so on. The small companies are relatively unknown but you will usually find them at Utako or Jabi park if you are going from Abuja to Lagos or at Jibowu, Maza Maza/Mile 2 or Ojota park if heading from Lagos to Abuja.

The journey is usually very interesting for most parts as you get to see the country side of Nigeria real time while in transit, you also have the opportunity to be entertained with Nigerian Nollywood movies if you are in any of the luxury buses as they play Nigerian movies most of the journey. There are also mobile salesmen also who may want to sell one or two things to you in the bus, usually personal effects and consumer goods such as; hard to find toothpastes, soaps, honey, bitters, immune boosters and what have you. Some of these salesmen are really funny and could also thrill you will comic antics intended to drive sales.

When eventually you arrive at the park which is - whether in Lagos or at Abuja it is best if someone comes to pick you up like a family or friend but if you already know the way you can opt for a cab to take you straight to your last stop (home or hotel whatever the case).

Abuja to Lagos by air

The journey by air from Lagos to Abuja and back is pretty much straight forward, just roughly 45 minutes flight. From the airport in Abuja to the city center is about 15 to 20 minutes drive whereas in Lagos barring traffic jam, it should take you nothing less than 10 minutes from most parts of the main land other wise be prepared to spend a few hours in the maddening Lagos traffic. Overall though, you are good to go just budget a cool N30K for flight money for the trip whichever way you are going.

In terms of safety and convenience, traveling by air is best but affordability is one thing you will battle with if you are on a tight budget. As a precaution, don’t travel at night by road, it is far more risky as there are many armed robbery operations at night compared to day time plus the risk of poor visibility or accidents is also higher. In case of emergency, road accidents are less desirable because you might be at the mercy of other travelers in case of accidents or armed robbery, in short it is better to travel by air than by road only that it is far more expensive.

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  1. Nice information about Lagos to Abuja, also nice travel tips too.


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