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Friday, April 13, 2012

Abuja Ladies and Money Wahala!

Do you remember this line from one of Mode 9’s hit single “no cash no Abuja chick, plenty cash and they’ll be on your d**k”? Many Abuja men will tell you that those Abuja chicks are just as Mode 9 described them.

Here’s what one of them told me the other day. While he was invited to a party at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel one hustler babe just approached him and was like “sir what’s your room number?” She wasn’t joking and was ready to accompany him to - you know where. Unfortunately for her, this guy was mean he gave her a fake hotel room number and just left the hotel afterwards. ‘Poor’ chick she must have strolled the whole place in disappointment. But her case is not in isolation, many Abuja ladies are not nice to broke guys, they wouldn’t give him a second look or smile at him even when he is clearly a sweet, caring guy, if you have money then smile and flash some cash and see if not just her but her friends won’t smile at you.

Another guy sometime ago also spoke of how one chick was sizing him up when he approached her not for a date but for directions. She initially thought he was out to chike her, had he driven a flashy car and just said hi, her attitude would have been different. Big deal, Abuja ladies love money more than other naija babes, no apologies for speaking my mind because it’s true although I’m not generalizing there are still a few decent ones.

What are the reasons they even need money, guess what it would be to belong. They want fancy clothes, shoes, bags, black berry, Brazilian hair, cosmetics and having extra cash at hand to buy credit and other special needs. To all you Abuja ladies that act like men are you ATMs my piece of advise and I hope you will not turn it down will be to get yourselves jobs and be content with what you have otherwise turn to your father, it’s his duty to provide for your needs.

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